• Q: Why does your bible app not include some commercial bible text like NIV?

    • A: Copyright and Pricing issue. Have tried to reach copyright owner or publisher but not get quick response. You can help if you know you can reach out those copyright owners or can give a reasonable pricing license - please contatc me. Currently, I'm negotiating with some publishers and will include those copyright contents at reasonable cost for users to In-App purchase. Stay tuned.

  • Q: Why Basic version is so cheap($0.99), while Pro is much more expensive?

    • A: Basic version is intened to give you a taste for what Handy Bible can help your daily bible study. As a matter of fact, even for the same price, the features and functionality of Basic version are superior to most of other bible apps on the market. The Pro version provides much more other bible study tools and is quite competitive to other bible apps.

  • Q: I have purchased some In-App purchase items like "ESV" on iPad, but after I downloaded and installed the app on iPhone, the In-App purchase items don't show up. How to make these In-App purchase items show up on different device?

    • A: Just re-purchase those In-App purchase items; App Store will recognize you're already purchased those items and will let you download and install for free. Make sure that login with the same Apple ID when you purchased those items the very first time.

  • Q: I want some specific bible features to help my personal bible study. Can you help?

    • A: Certainly, you can always contact me(email:  iphone.apps.vincechiu@gmail.com) to make a request. Actually, some of nice features of Handy Bible are based on users' request or feedback. Your comments and feedbacks are always welcome.